An end of season thank you from Andrea Wishart, KRSP Ph.D. student and 2016 fall head tech


screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-4-12-22-pmMount Decoeli across from Kloo Pond (close to the KRSP camp). Photo taken by Andrea Wishart. 

The H-bars have been hung up and the bright orange trapping vests have been tucked away, and with that, another squirreling year has come and gone. We tracked squirrels through the seasons, from the arrival of spring core crew in early March to the last squirreler standing in mid-October. A huge thank you to all of the hard working people, from the newbies learning to squirrel for the first time, the returning techs who showed us the ropes, and all the other KRSP students who helped guide and support us!

As someone who arrived at our beloved Squirrel Camp a brand new squirreler in March as bright eyed and bushy tailed as any of our squirrels, and who ended the year as fall Head Tech, I would personally like to thank everyone who trained me early on and who helped me make my job in the fall so much easier and fun! Thanks to Brynlee for coordinating logistics from Edmonton and making sure we always had working equipment (and drained dunnies…), Eve for doing a fantastic job as Head Tech throughout the summer, Jess for training us on midden cone counts and keeping us motivated throughout, and the KRSP PIs for keeping this project rolling all these years (and especially Stan, who also gave us the gift of insulated floors this fall). Squirrel Camp is an incredible place, and everyone who comes through knows that it’s the people that are a part of it that make it that way.

Raise a spruce cone to 2016!

– Andrea Wishart