Graduate Students

Jessica Haines, University of Alberta

JessHainesI am working under the supervision of Dr. Stan Boutin to study the trade-offs involved in investing in reproductive success and survival in male red squirrels. I am using long-term data to investigate how reproductive success and effort vary according to age and whether there are underlying life-history trade-offs. I am also using field observations to examine the relationship between individual-level resource availability and mating behaviour. I am also using genetic techniques to examine whether telomere dynamics are related to lifetime reproductive success and longevity.



Allyson Menzies, McGill University


Erin Siracusa, University of Guelph

ErinUnder the guidance of Dr. Andrew McAdam at the University of Guelph I am setting out to explore the dynamics of squirrel social neighborhoods in the Yukon. I am very interested in animal behaviour and the current focus of my PhD is looking at whether red squirrels change their behaviour in response to different neighboring squirrels. I hope to examine whether this ‘behavioural flexibility’ has any effect on red squirrel survival and reproduction.


Emily Studd, McGill University


Sarah Westrick, University of Michigan

SarahWI am interested in studying animal behavior – including evolution, ecology, and other mechanisms. I am particularly enthused by integrative approaches and collaborations that combine many different techniques and perspectives to answer questions in a way that is ecologically relevant to the organism. I am working on my Ph.D. with Ben Dantzer to address these research questions.